Why did you create the Thermogate Zero?

Covid is a big problem for everyone. Everywhere I go, I check my temperature when entering stores or offices and I try to avoid contact with others as much as I can. But people still have to get close when checking their temperature with hand-held thermometers.

That's why I decided to create tech that makes people's lives safer and more comfortable. We can keep people safe using technology in the digital age, and we should automate some of those safety features.

Rei Nakano, Thermogate Zero Creator & Head Engineer

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q Why is this better than the gun-type thermometers?
A Our sensor is made in Japan and is not only accurate – it lets you check for fevers without an operator. You lower the amount of person-to-person contact, let people check their own temperatures throughout the day without hassle, and free up your staff from having to stand around doing manual temperature screenings.
Q How high should we place it?
A The small circle part is the sensor, so place it at a level that even your short-statured staff can use. Tall people may have to stoop down a little!
Q Can we change the detected temperature from 99.5 ° F?
A The detection temperature cannot be changed.
Q It’s staying quiet and flashing blue. Is it working?
A Yes, a blue LED flash means you don’t have a fever!
Q Can the temperatures of multiple people be measured at the same time?
A Unfortunately, no. Please measure each person’s temperature one at a time.
Q How often do we have to change the batteries?
A If you leave it turned on all the time, it runs for about 300 hours (over 12 days straight).
Q Can temperature records be saved?
A With your privacy in mind, this device does not save any measurement records.