COVID Countermeasures: The Japanese Way

COVID Countermeasures: The Japanese Way
Thermogate Zero is the Japanese Countermeasure

The effects of Covid-19 and its variants are well known throughout the
world and have proven a difficult task for many countries to keep under control. Japan has managed to keep its numbers fairly low on a global scale.

Covid Cases per 10,000 by Country

Pace of increase in cumulative number of deaths

Further outbreaks can be prevented using
a number of countermeasures. We hope that you will join us in helping flatten the curve for a safer, brighter future.

Wash Your Hands.
Wash your hands, Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Wear a mask around others.
Wear a mask around others, Photo by Vivek Vyas on Unsplash
Social distance when possible.
Social Distance when possible, Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

In recent times it has become important to use the above countermeasures to avoid the spread of infection - washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing, gurgling, and performing temperature checks are important parts of this. Often times 'gun-type' thermometers are used for the fever screening checks. 

While gun-type thermometers are cheap and easily taken from place to place, it still requires someone to get close to several people when checking their temperature. Also, most of the cheap models on the market are using inaccurate sensors.  

With Thermogate Zero, you can lower person-to-person contact and let people check their own temperatures easily throughout the day.

Employee using the Thermogate Zero scanner
  • Accurate 1 second temperature readings
  • Fully automatic (no operator)
  • Check anywhere (battery or USB powered with tape/magnet install)

How accurate is it?

Our device's sensor is designed, manufactured and tested in Japan- reliability you can trust.

Thermogate Zero is not only fast - its sensors are confirmed accurate via Black Body* testing. As a result, the Thermogate Zero has almost no deviation in temperature detection from device to device (an accuracy of ±0.02°C in temperature error!). 

Black Body furnace testing the Thermogate Zero
*A precision blackbody (black body) is a controlled source of thermal radiation used to calibrate infrared radiation thermometers (pyrometers), thermal imagers and radiation heat flux gauges and radiometers.


Where can I put it?

With this device, you can simply place it anywhere and start scanning for fevers automatically.
Power it on and start scanning
Thanks to the power options (AA batteries or USB type B) combined with the internal magnet/double sided tape installation methods, you can install it anywhere and provide fast, accurate temperature screening. This allows you to automate your fever checks just about anywhere, whether it be at reception, in the office, or in a lobby.

What about privacy?

Thermogate Zero being used at a Nepalese Restaurant

With your privacy in mind, our device does not save temperature records. The audible alarm that sounds when a fever is detected is distinct, so that it can be easily distinguished from other indoor sounds in the office/lobby/reception area, such as phones and computers. This solution allows you to maintain temperature screening without disturbing employees, customers and guests.

How does it work?

The device self-calibrates, so all you have to do is choose a place to install it (via its internal magnet or double-sided tape), put in the AA batteries, and turn it on. It really is that easy! The device automatically checks for fevers and alerts you with a red LED and alarm when a temperature of over 37.5 C is detected.
Red and blue lights indicate the scan result 
Readings take less than 1 second and can be detected easily at about 30cm – so you simply walk up to the device, wait a brief moment, and then you can move on with your day. This also allows for users to check their temperatures throughout the day without hassle, as your temperature will fluctuate throughout the day.
Red and blue lights
If left on constantly, the batteries can last up to 300 hours (almost 2 weeks). Depending on how often the device is used, this may vary somewhat. Please  note that the device is for indoor use only. It is not waterproof and works best in office/air-conditioned environments.


We're here to help you live a safer, healthier lifestyle.

From the Engineers at Pebble Corporation
From Pebble Corporation to you

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