Why a Japanese engineer brought automation to his office's ambience

Why a Japanese engineer brought automation to his office's ambience
We decided to sit down for a little interview with the head engineer of the Thermogate Zero, Rei Nakano. Rei works at the head office of Pebble Corporation located in Tokyo, Japan. The company creates and offers a variety of IT-based solutions to companies throughout Japan.

Rei being interviewed about the Thermogate Zero origins
Why did you decide to develop Thermogate Zero?
"When the coronavirus started to spread around the world, the CEO of our company had an idea for a fully automated fever scanner. I created a prototype, which we later finalized and offered as an automated solution throughout Japan."
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How did you develop it? Where did you get the idea?

"I was able to develop this product with my knowledge of electronic circuits and various programming languages."
You can purchase Rei's device here

How long did it take to develop and when was it released in Japan?

"It took me about a week to create the initial prototype. Then the CEO decided he wanted to commercialize our fever screening solution. It took me about three months to create the commercial prototype. Then it took about two months to finalize that. In total, it took me about five months. Compared to the typical time it takes to make and sell a product, this was very fast. For our team, this was our first challenge so we have been very pleased with the results."

In Japan, more than 3,000 companies have installed the system, how do you feel?

"We had no idea how initially how well this product would do. I am actually very happy that people from 3,000 different companies are being helped by our product."

A number of Japanese companies, including private corporations, government offices, police stations, and even some Japanese Self Defense Force locations have adopted the device to help streamline their temperature screening. The Thermogate Zero alerts a user when they have a temperature over 35.7 degrees. 

Please give us a message for those who are considering using the product overseas.

"I know that many of the world's thermometers tend to be on the cheaper side. As far as I know, our product is more accurate and reliable. If you use an inaccurate thermometer, it may not be able to detect high fever cases in some instances. In comparison, our product is reliable and can both accurately detect and alert you to a fever. I hope that people will use this product to keep their lives safe."

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed hearing from Rei Nakano, the creator of the Thermogate Zero. His vision of automating fever screening and reducing person-to-person contact is one important step of many when it comes to helping bring reassurance to the modern workplace.

You can see more details and even purchase Rei's automated thermometer device here.

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