Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q Can this device be used outdoors?
A Using this device outdoors may cause a large increase in the margin of error for detection. The device is not waterproof or water resistant and may be damaged by moisture. Using the device indoors out of direct sunlight in a room with a temperature ranging from 77.0 to 82.4℉ (25 to 28℃) is recommended.
Q Can this device be used indoors at temperatures of 86.0℉ (30℃) and above?
A The recommended temperature range for indoor use is 77.0 to 82.4℉ (25 to 28℃). If the environmental temperature is significantly higher or lower than this range, it may cause an increase in the margin of error for detection.
Q How long does it take the THERMOGATE ZERO to measure temperatures?
A Detection time is approximately 0.5 seconds. If you want to make sure the measurements are especially precise, we recommend standing still in front of the unit for at least one second.
Q What is the appropriate distance from the device for measurement?
A Stand 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm) away from the device for measurement.
Q Can the temperatures of multiple people be measured at the same time?
A Unfortunately, no. Please measure each person’s temperature one at a time.
Q How many hours can the device be continuously used for?
A When using alkaline batteries, the device can run with the power continuously on (24 hours a day) for around 12 days (approximately 300 hours). Actual performance may vary depending on environmental conditions.
Q Can temperature records be saved?
A This device does not save any measurement records.
Q Can the detection temperature settings be changed?
A The detection temperature cannot be changed.
Q Why do I hear a continuous beeping sound from the device?
A This means the batteries are low. Please change them soon!
Q Why doesn’t the blue LED turn on sometimes?
A During colder seasons, the colder temperatures may lead to a body temperature below the allowed minimum detection level of 95℉ (35℃), and the blue LED may not light up. It will light up once every 60 seconds when operating normally. Please move the device to a warmer area if this is not the case.
Q The red LED turns on and the alarm sounds when no one is in front of the device. What’s happening?
A If the device is pointed at a window, mirror, or reflective surface that is exposed to heat such as sunlight, the device may be attempting to measure this heat source as a person. Please move the device to a different location or place it at a different angle.
Q Can the device measure temperature through clothing?
A The device measures the temperature of the surface of the skin, so measurements cannot be taken through clothing. Using the exposed forehead is recommended for measurements – this allows for masks to be kept on as well. Please be sure to place the device at an appropriate face-level.
Q Can I return this product?


We do not accept returns for any reason other than a defective device. For more information, please refer to our return policy page.