"Detects body temperature without having to approach customers, so both my customers and employees can feel safe."


"Easy set-up, everything for assembly in the box."


A fully automated, contact-free infrared thermometer to make your fever screening process fast and efficient.

・AA Batteries or USB power options
・installs anywhere via tape or magnet
・Fully automated - no operator required
・Accurate, Reliable Japanese infrared sensor

Our Back-to-Office Sale - with Free Shipping, Worldwide!

Welcome back to the workplace! Automate your temperature screening and focus on what's important: working together with peace of mind! 

Fever checks should be easy! Using this sleek, compact Japanese infrared thermometer, you can enjoy modern, hassle-free checks anytime, anywhere. The device doesn't require power outlets or an operator. Enjoy accurate 1 second scans via the Omron sensor and bring a little Japanese Zen to your workspace!

You can enjoy all of the features at an affordable price: 

  • Accurate, contact-free temperature checks in under 1 second!
  • Battery or USB power options - no outlets are required!
  • The internal magnet or double sided tape lets you install it anywhere.
  • Just turn it on and you're ready to go- it self calibrates!
  • Reliable Japanese manufacturing you can trust!
  • Now people can check themselves anytime throughout the day anytime!
 Your temperature changes throughout the day - shouldn't your temperature screening strategy?

Where should you use the Thermogate Zero?

The Thermogate Zero can be placed in high traffic areas (offices, reception, lobbies, meeting rooms) to help check for fevers throughout the day. Just place it on the wall, door, or on a smartphone stand - you're all set! It automatically calibrates itself. 

This Japanese automated infrared thermometer scans people from 30-50 cm away (12-20 inches) in under 1 second and will flash a BLUE light when your temperature is normal. When a possible fever is detected, it turns RED and an audible alarm will sound.

Save people time, reduce hassle, and help reduce person-to-person contact when unnecessary. 

Operation details:

While Turned On The center LED flashes blue once every 60 seconds.
Upon detection
  • 99.5℉ (37.5℃) or higher: The center LED flashes red and an audible alarm will sound.
  • 95-99.5℉ (35-37.5℃): The center LED will flash blue.
  • Below 95℉ (35℃): The temperature is too low and the LED will not activate. Please wait for your body temperature to rise or move the device to a warmer area.
Low battery 3 audible alert sounds mean the battery is low. Please change the batteries. Full batteries typically allow for 300 hours of continuous use.



  • This product is intended solely as a possible fever detection device and does not indicate whether individuals are infected or not. Always consult with a qualified professional for a proper diagnosis..
  • This product is not a medical device.
  • Avoid placing the device in direct or indirect sunlight, moisture, smoke, or other unsuitable environments. Failure to do so may lead to the device malfunctioning. Do not face the device towards light sources (ceiling lights, windows, etc.)
  • The device uses the skin surface for temperature measurements, so detection works with and without masks present so long as the forehead is exposed. The device can be mounted easily via either the included magnet or double-sided tape.

Please read and understand these warning and caution statements before purchasing.

Purchase Order Limitations

We are currently limiting purchase orders to 2 units or less per order. If you would like to buy in bulk, please contact us directly!

Customs duties may apply depending on the destination country / region and the purchase price. For more details, please see our shipping policy. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.